Magnetic Path

Miami – Florida

20, 21, 22 of September


Develop your skills and learn techniques to enhance any type of therapy!

 20, 21, 22 of September

Miami – Florida

2:00 pm

Magnetism practices

Passes and mesmeric inductions

4:30 pm – coffee break

Magnetic touch

Magnetism in water

Magnetism at a distance

7:00 pm End of the day’s practices

9:00 am

Magnetic current

Outdoor exercises and practices

Self-hypnosis in the mirror

12:00 – Lunch

Group Therapy Practices

Convulsive and mesmeric therapy.

4:00 pm – coffee break

PSI Experiments

06:30 pm – End of activities


Magnetic current

Liberation in the Ancestry Line

Exercises to increase perceptions and senses

12:00 – lunch

Exercise to achieve goals in your daily life

Awareness and Reintegration

Happiness and quintessence

Meditation and rhythm

4:00 pm

Course completion certification

This course is for you

who wants to promote transformations through your personal healing!

inner power

it is for you

who are searching for the best version of yourself.

manifest your will

it is for you

who believe in the movement of love as a path to fulfillment.

improve your projection

it is for you

who want to give meaning to your life by expanding your consciousness!

magnetic energy

it is for you

understands the importance of combining self-knowledge, philosophy and spirituality.

A journey of resignification and healing, with intense practices and knowledge that use the power of ancient universal laws to transform any blockages and limitations

What you will get from this course:

Proposal for this training:

Offering you a complete experience of expanding consciousness with practical guidance for everyday life.

Talk about topics of philosophy, psychology, science and spirituality for free thinkers

Help you realize your potential, in a way that is easy to understand and apply in your daily life

Involve each participant in realizing their potential for transformation.

Reveal hidden content for your evolution

Bring interested people together and generate insights







Founder of the Arkeos Institute


Creator of the Arkeos Method

I’m Leila Mahfud, with over 10 years of teaching experience and more than 20 years as a therapist. Additionally, I’ve served as a trainer and pioneer in Mesmerism and non-verbal hypnosis courses in Brazil and Portugal, affiliated with ISI-CNV (International Institute for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Non-Verbal Communication, Leadership, and Coaching, Université Européenne L.L.P) based in Nice, France.

Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality, I graduated from the World School of Massage & Holistic Healing Arts in San Francisco, California (USA), where I lived for 6 years.

I am also a certified Parapsychologist and specialized in Ophthalmic Microsemiotics at the Havid Center (Advanced Iridology). I have participated in various national and international congresses, including one with the renowned Brian Weiss in New York, at the Omega Institute.

I have completed numerous specialized courses in Clinical Hypnosis, Regression Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Apometry, among others

Magnetic Path

20,21,22 of september
special early bird rate
  • Practices and experiences
  • group dynamics
  • português and English

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The course was designed for Therapists or anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and develop their natural skills.

The course offers magnetism (mesmerism) practices and techniques for your development as a therapist. The dynamics will help you understand the basis of all energy therapies and altered states of consciousness.

You will experience within yourself and among participants the fundamental basis of energetic connection to use in treatments.

We suggest that you also purchase as a complement the Magnetic Path online portal, which offers all the mesmerism techniques and the basis for theoretical study.


You will learn the secrets behind these demonstrations!

Group activities provide experiences to discover extra-sensory abilities: Telepathy, clairvoyance….

Comfortable clothes and slippers for indoor environments.

Contact the Arkeos Institute for more information.

We recommend avoiding cell phone use to get the most out of the experiences.

Includes the course fee.

*Does not include accommodation and food.

The refund of the ticket price will only be made if the request is made within 40 days before the date of the event. The return will be made with discounts on possible administrative and hotmart fees. This request must be made via email: [email protected]

The objective of the training is to expand your thinking power, which is why we have no ties to any spiritual or religious line.


The topics covered respect all beliefs and provide space for debate and a research perspective.


We unite in an integral way: philosophy, science and spirituality.

This in-person training is linked to the Mesmerism content.

There are different lines of application of non-verbal Hypnosis and you will be able to understand the techniques that involve both lines of therapeutic work.

Nonverbal hypnosis uses studies that involve applications of nonverbal language and nonverbal induction. But there are different lines, and it is important for the student to understand this.


Mesmerism courses will use ancient practices of animal magnetism (passes and mesmeric induction) in conjunction with various techniques.


The other line comes from Dynamic Hypnosis, which evolved these teachings to use as a method of stimulating and communicating with the unconscious mind to work and release repressed contents.


The Arkeos method of advanced hypnotherapy is a reinterpretation, and offers its own method to be applied in face-to-face consultations and also online.


But both lines will use emotional and unconscious content, which is repressed and condensed, becoming a symptom. Through certain maneuvers (each line has a way of acting) it can lead the individual to “discharge” the emotional energy condensed internally. By releasing this energy, one can work on internal understanding.


So there are two lines that use different ways of acting.


Also discover the arkeos hypnotherapist online training:

The Magnetic Path online portal was created to offer all theoretical and philosophical content that will support your understanding of everything involving these practices.


We also offer within the Portal all the content of Mesmerism techniques and hypnotic fascination, as well as presence practices for the participant to maintain their evolution in this knowledge.


Portal Link:

Online Portal videos offer English subtitles

The Arkeos Institute suggests that you purchase a “combo” to enhance your studies and practices.


Training is precisely to develop yourself little by little, a way to transform your life and bring more discipline to your evolution!


We advise you to unite the evolutionary tripod: science, philosophy and spirituality.


Knowledge without moral and intellectual training can create the possibility of distortions and temptations for misuse. For this reason we offer exclusive group support and Zoom meetings for online Portal participants!

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